haiku in schools

The National Curriculum for English in Schools requires pupils at Key stage 3 to be able to distinguish haiku, limericks and sonnets. This is not a demanding task, if pupils simply learn to count lines and syllables. But many teachers use the opportunity to give children more rewarding insights into poetry. After teaching them to appreciate haiku they guide them towards composing their own (and even if the results are not always true haiku, there is generally a benefit to creative writing).

The British Haiku Society has done a service to teachers who had little or no previous experience of haiku, or how to distinguish good ones from bad ones, by publishing a Haiku Kit. Since 1997, over 1,000 teachers in the UK have been supplied with copies.

Using this teaching pack, in 1998 a number of UK schools took part in a project, and the following children's work was among that afterwards published by BHS.

A selection of poems by UK school children.
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