potpourri 2
distant thunder —
the dog’s toenails click
against the linoleum
© Gary Hotham
summer’s end
the quickening of hammers
towards dusk
©Dee Evetts
The dotted line my father’s ashplant made
On Sandymount Strand
Is something else the tide won’t wash away.
© Seamus Heaney
From the first email
We were living together
Late, migrating swans

Winging it, crossing
Iced firths’ spliced noons and midnights,
Messaging apart,

In that afterworld
Where we met when we emailed
There is no other

You are my question
In that fingertip waiting
You are my reply
© Robert Crawford 
my head in the clouds in the lake
© Ruby Spriggs

From Full Volume by Robert Crawford, published by Jonathan Cape. Used by permission of The Random House Group Ltd.

Use of the single-line format allows the reader to consider the possibility of more than one line break.

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