haiku interacting with other forms

Haiku and calligraphy, haiku and sculpture, haiku and photography, haiku and music, haiku and jazz...

...all of these combinations have stirred the imagination. In the limited space we have here, we describe just one mixed-media encounter:

Haiku and Glass

It was at the opening of an exhibition of glass only that the Haiku and Glass exhibition had its origins. I’d been mixing short stories and glass for a couple of years ... no particular reason, it just seemed a natural thing to do. I worked with glass and I worked with words. But at the launch I was talking to the British Haiku Society chair. We were exchanging and explaining technical terms. Suddenly the chairman pointed to a piece a single rod of clear glass manipulated while hot to form a circle. Beautiful, elegant, somehow lyrical, speaking of emotion in a subtle and eloquent manner. ‘Now that is a haiku,’ said my informant.
Dominic Fondé,
curator of an exhibition by 8 haiku poets collaborating one-to-one with 8 glass artists; works were on public display at the Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle, the Glass Art Gallery, London, the World of Glass, St Helen’s, and The Customs House, South Shields, 2003–2004.


Amy Christie
sliding on and off
sliding on and off
the river’s edge
autumn leaves
Annie Bachini
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